A Sense of Someplace

Made from pairing anonymous and found 35mm film slides, the images in 'A Sense of Someplace' are created from two different times and places. Revealing new stories, many of the montages present a very cinematic and dramatic scene, others have a surreal nature. They are a fascinating look at the past.

A Sense of Someplace is a body of work and publication that emerged from artist Lindsay Perth‘s residency with NHS Forth Valley in Scotland.

These photomontages are made from anonymous and found 35mm film slides. Individually, the slides are of family holidays, gatherings and events. Two singular images are matched together, physically paired and put into one slide mount to create a image that reveals a new story. The only digital intervention is at the end to scan the montages for printing.

workshop documentationA match does not always work. The slides get dismantled and the search goes on. The image must have, as Roland Barthes describes,¬† that punctum when an image’s details or scene can ‘prick or bruise’ with it’s¬†subtleties or candour.

What is the story revealed in the photomontage, created from two different times and places? Sometimes there is a clear and very cinematic narrative but in others there is a surreal scene going on. The montages in A Sense of Someplace are in a kind of butterfly jar, the two film slides compete, seeming to fight for our attention. But all seem to have unlimited possibilities and shift between places and times, with a sort of visual conundrum.