Limited Edition Prints

‘A Sense of Someplace’ is an ever growing collection of limited edition art prints made me, artist Lindsay Perth. Each image is made from two found 35mm film slides. I remove slides from mounts and trawl my large collection trying different pairings, then I project them onto a screen and look in detail on them. I work in this manner until I successfully create a composite with offers a new narrative, that provokes something visually – a scene or place that feels familiar yet impossible.

They create a sense of some time, some place that is oddly nostalgic.

The 35mm slides are from family archives that I find, buy online, or save from bins and increasingly find them on my doorstep. I have become known as the ‘Slide Woman’ with people sending me slides from as far as Los Angeles. Remounted slides – there are only ever two slides in each image – are scanned in at the highest res and printed onto giclee art paper.

These art prints are limited edition of 40 and signed. Do if you have anything to discuss about the prints.  New images are created often.  Long Live Analogue!