A Sense of Someplace

Each image is made from two found 35mm film slides. I  remove slides from mounts and trawl my slide collection for two that reveal new narratives. If a pair have a kind of rhyme to them as one, then I remount them and I project them onto a screen and look in detail at them. Often the closer inspection shows that there is no ‘story’ and I start again.

I work in this manner until I successfully create a composite with offers a new narrative, one that provokes visually – a scene or place that feels familiar yet is impossible. It can take a long time before I make one that reveals an ‘other’. The two slides – witnesses to their own unique time and place – make a new single image with a tilted nostalgia and you look into a photo where time and place feels adrift.

Sometimes these images have an impossible beauty of places we can never experience, others have a silent melancholy their story. And in many there is a sense of loss and entropy, even an anxiety ... maybe it’s a distrust of their ambiguous ‘truth’.

The 35mm slides are from family archives that I find, are given, buy online or save from bins. Increasingly find them on my doorstep. I have become known as the ‘Slide Woman’ with people sending me slides from as far as Los Angeles. If you have any unwanted 35mm slides, I’m very happy to revive them. You know where to find me.