ArtWalk Porty

Last year we moved to Portobello. I decided back then a good way to get to know my new community and give myself a creative goal to get ASoS of the ground would be to show work in ArtWalk Porty. And so it was I applied to be part of it and open our home as a gallery space in September 2018. Last weekend, with our newly painted green door I rather nervously opened up our home to the ArtWalkers and holy cow what a weekend it was. I love people! It’s been a while since I have spoken that much to the almost non-stop stream of folks. The Saturday also included homemade brownies  (not my recipe, given to me by sister-in-law) and chilled saki, newly arrived in my fridge from Kyoto from a visiting friend. I must recommend this combination by the way, quite a buzz …

The crowd was not only full of enthusiasm for the prints but for the themes and ideas behind A Sense of Someplace such as blurred memory, crossed timelines and lives, the new narratives from two distant sources as well as the wonder of analogue. I began to lose my voice at the end of day 1! It nevers ceases to me amaze me the different stories that people see in these images.

If you don’t know about ArtWalk Porty I encourage you to check it out next year. It really is a vibrant and fabulous platform to experience the diverse ways residents of a community are creative as well as celebrate our public spaces.



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Not even looking at the work .. everyone’s a critic

First and last visitor