Redeye Hothouse 2013, Manchester


Last weekend I took ‘A Sense of Someplace’ to Photography Network Redeye‘s Hothouse 2013 event. It was a very well organised and attended event and I particularly valued the many conversations I had about the process of making ‘A Sense of Someplace’ and the debates regarding working with found images and ideas of the art object.

Often once a photographic series is done and the making is in the past one’s relationship with the material changes as other projects with new dynamics take hold. What I valued very much about networking at Red Eye were the probing questions about how it has influenced my own work and where will I take the processes explored next, questions I’ve hardly had time to stop and ask my self.

But now, as my NHS arts residency officially finished last month I will have time to consolidate the experience and work created during both the collaborative part of the residency and the period spent developing my own work which resulted in artcabin and the film One Hundred Blinks, which is now at that all consuming stage of promotion and getting it into the world.

And I met another artist, Clay Smith. Some very interesting conversations were had and I hope they will continue.

From Butterflies series, by Clay Smith.

Thanks Redeye, t’was great event!